Whew. Just assigned pages to over 300+ artists. Feel a bit like I just ran a marathon. Anyway, here’s the final cast for the Bartkira project. Some aspects of the cast list might be surprising,  but I’m confident that you’ll see the logic and consideration that went into the choices I ended up making when you read the book. Believe me, I went through nearly every reasonable combination of characters and this roster works the best, in terms of character motivation and interaction. 

Lisa is Lady Miyako. I don’t mind if the artists draw lisa as an old lady, a woman, a teen, or a little girl. Since she’s a powerful psychic, it’s reasonable to imagine that she’s capable of changing her appearance. However, I think the pages where she’s just a little girl, retaining her proportions from the show, are the ones that work the best. 

As for minor/background characters, that’ll be up to the artist to decide who they’re gonna slot in there. There’ll be no co-ordination on this aspect of it, so it should lead to some interesting results. I don’t mind if you put in generic background cast or known characters we’ll recognise. 

If you want to see the artist roster as it stands right now, it’s HERE (click) 

Here’s the rules and guidelines for the project. This is going to be in the email I’m about to send out to all the contributors, but in the eventuality that you’re a contributor and you see this before I have a chance to send out the email, I may as well stick ‘em here too. 


I want to keep this as free-wheeling as possible, but I came up with a couple of rules to make sure the book reads nicely as a whole.

-Please put the page number bottom-centre of each page you work on. Be sure to write your name discreetly on the bottom right of the last page you do, too, so people will know it’s you. 

-ALWAYS always change character names in the dialogue to their Simpsons equivalent. So Tetsuo is always ‘Milhouse’, ‘Akira’ is always ‘Ralph’. Mr. Nezu is always Mayor Quimby.

-When spoken in dialogue or narration, ALWAYS change the words “Neo-Tokyo” to ‘Springfield’. ‘Japan’ to ‘America’. ‘America’ is now ‘China’. 

-however, DON’T change inner-city location names when they’re referred to in the dialogue. if you want to change the council chambers to look like Burnsie’s power plant, though, that’s up to you. 


-I’M COOL WITH YOU IMPROVISING IF YOU WANT TO. So long as the same plot points are covered and the characters begin and end in the same place as in the original comics, you can feel free to experiment with layout, dialogue, and exactly how you handle the action. 

- it’s up to you whether a character wears their outfit from The Simpsons or their equivalent’s outfit in Akira. Sometimes costume changes are worked into the plot, though… so if Tetsuo puts on a cape or a fur coat, then you should probably give Milhouse a cape/fur coat too.  Oh man! Here’s a cool thing: after Tetsuo’s ascent to caped demigod, some people have given Milhouse his costume from when he played “Fallout Boy” in the Radioactive Man movie, which I thought was a great choice. 

-in the few occasions where I’ve cast against gender, you should swap the gendered pronouns- so ‘Kiyoko is in her room’  becomes ‘Todd is in HIS room’.

-Make it awesome



Eventually, I’m going to put this all together in one torrent file available for everyone to download. To make things easier on me, when you’re finished, send your work to the bartkiracommittee@gmail.com inbox in the following format:

Subject header: SUBMISSION

attach your files as one .zip file

JPEG format- highest quality compression

dimensions: 1020 x 1492

filename : Bartkira_X_pYYY.jpg (where X is the volume number and Y is the page number.)


Feel free to put your work on social media as soon as you’ve done it, too! There’s no moratorium on breaking ‘street date’, or anything like that. tag it with #bartkira, of course. and if you want to help out, include a link to my tumblr at harveyjames.tumblr.com, since we’re still in need of artists. I’m also @jamesharveytm on twitter.


If you don’t have a copy of the book, you can get it from your local library- or pirate it via torrent software, so long as you buy it for real later. I’m sure it’s readable online in a bunch of different places. Don’t ask me for pages! 

I could probably say a whole bunch more, but I feel like the less guidelines I give you, the more surprised we’re all going to be at the end.

Good luck! 

"Embrace Nothingness" - Lisa Simpson

If you still want to apply, email bartkiracommittee@gmail.com.